die reise beginntFortwienix on the Danube

Here are some pictures of our canoe tour from Regensburg in Germany to Orsova in Romania


We had an impressiv time on the Organic Art Ranch with Roger & Zsuzsi, in Rupea on a water buffelo ranch and during Christmas and New Year in the rest of Romania

Hitchhiking to Turkey

Begining of January we started our way to Turkey. Along the balck sea coast of Romania and Bulgaria we hitchhiked down to Marmaris in Turkey

To the black sea

In April 2017 we went back to our canoe and paddled the remaining 950km to the black sea

Roadtrip in the caucasian mountains

In June we made a roadtrip through Georgia with Marina and Ferry. We had a lot of nice surprises and beneath the high mountains and deep valleys we saw some cafes and one of the oldest monastery in the world