Once free. Everything you need is on your back.
Live with little, leave the unnecessary things which are like a shackle around your legs. Have a clear eye for the things ahead of you, have time to let it wander.

Feel the life as real and pure as you can. Respect the nature and choose a simple way of traveling. Explore other people, countries and cultures, live consciously and enjoy the moment! Set yourself free and see what life can offer you!
Once the world marvels at all its diversity, or so much of it goes – there is nevertheless nevertheless.

Once marvel at the world and the diversity she offers to us – that’s why we have it.
Leave the safe shell, trust in the uncertain and dare.

We are Kringel and Kathrin and we set off at the end of August 2016 to get to know the world. The idea is simple: with backpack & tent and only the most necessary on the road. We want to find our own path around the world and thus remain as flexible as possible to be open to the adventure. We want to travel slowly and experience the changing world – flying is too easy and too much is lost to us.

What we’ve experienced so far:

We started with our canoe “Fortwienix” and paddled the Danube from Germany
down to Romania. We paddled through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and
Croatia and shortly after the Romanian border we left our canoe  for hibernation, to discover more of the country which was once the home of Dracula and still has many german influences.

We spent seven wonderful weeks on the organic art ranch in the middleof the Apuseni mountains with Zsuzsi & Roger surrounded by nature and an inspiring way of life. From here we traveled from Rupea to Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara, then via Bucharest to Constanza and to the south to Bulgaria and further to Turkey.

We spent a month with Anne on her Gulet in Marmaris on the west coast, where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet. We enjoyed the morning view of palm trees and the sea and made many interesting contacts.

Then we went slowly back towards Romania, with a “detour” over Cunda Island, where we helped Hüseyin transforming his little wooden sailboats to trimarans – which we have then tested on the sea extensively.

We spent another four weeks with Roger and Zsuzsi in the Apuseni mountains and afterwards went back to the Danube. With “Fortwienix” we have paddled the remaining 1000 kilometers to the Black Sea in just three weeks and crossed the Razum Lake to bring our canoe to the scouts of Constanza.

We hitchhiked the Black Sea coast down to Bulgaria, then once across the country to Sofia and spend a few cozy days in the capital. In Turkey we met our friend Hüseyin again and spend some time with him in Kerpe on the black sea coast.

In  Georgia, we were very happy about a visit from home: Marina & Ferry decided to spend their holiday in Georgia and together we set out into an extraordinary road trip across the country.